Are you ready to become an ETC Leader?

ETC Leaders

ETC Leaders are competent students who have passed a specific course with at least an A or B. They facilitate collaborative study group sessions for a specific instructor and for a specific course.

ETC Leaders are extremely prepared to lead these study group sessions based on pre‐planning, experience in the course and their strong content knowledge.

This page is designed to assist current ETC Leaders in programmatic expectations and requirements as well as in the creation of meaningful collaborative study group sessions.

Qualities of an ETC Leader

An ETC Leader is a student who has successfully completed the course in which you wish to facilitate active collaborative study group sessions. As an ETC Leader, you will attend lectures regularly to maximise understanding of course content and so that the students enrolled know that you understand their needs in terms of the expectations provided by the course. You will also work closely with your instructor to provide personalized sessions that meet the needs of the instructor, the students and course expectations. An ETC Leader must possess certain qualities, characteristics and requirements.

If you think you meet these qualities, characteristics and requirements, you are encouraged to apply. We look forward to the possibility of working with you.

ETC Mentor Program

The ETC Mentor Program was created to assist ETC Leaders in planning, implementing and developing ETC sessions. To find out more about ETC Mentors, check out the video below to hear it from leaders and mentors themsleves.