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Peer Assisted Study Sessions ‐ PASS ‐ embeds leaders (expert tutors, ranging from community college students to graduate students, who have extensive experience and training in writing, reading, and critical thinking) in classes of all levels of English and EMLS as well as linguistics and Chicano‐Latino literature courses. PASS serves traditional courses, online courses, and hybrid courses from the humanities division. In addition to serving various courses, PASS also serves all special programs (e.g. SYMBAA, USEAA, Network Scholars, TRIO, and more). PASS differs from the Extending the Class (ETC) program that provides embedded services for content courses, such as math and political science. At this time, PASS serves 60 sections and employs 42 student aides/tutors. PASS students are supported by innovative services that include Monday‐Saturday tutoring hours in PASS Center 1 (LI-204) and PASS Center 2 (LI‐142), Brain Food, 24/7 Online Tutoring, Free Printing, and, of course, Free Tutoring with expert leaders/tutors. The PASS program has grown over 400% in the past year, and we continue to grow! Students who use PASS do significantly better than students who do not use PASS. PASS students have higher success rates and GPAs! Come visit PASS today to learn about how the PASS Experience can work for you! Get Through a Class ‐ Come Visit PASS!

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Program's mission is to increase student success, retention, and GPA through embedded tutoring and supplemental instruction adaptation practices in English and EMLS courses and learning communities. PASS aims to increase student equity and serves cohort programs with students from disproportionately impacted backgrounds, basic skills, EMLS, and select courses for graduation, matriculation, and transfer. We believe all students should have the opportunity to succeed with enhanced reading and writing skills.

PASS leaders (tutors) are "model" students that provide peer mentorship with writing and reading skills to PASS students through scheduled group and individual tutoring sessions outside of class time in a face‐to‐face or online environment.

In addition, PASS leaders attend class throughout the week with students and have access to instructors and class material. In an effort to increase student success, PASS leaders provide weekly feedback to instructors regarding student progress. All PASS leaders are also involved in ongoing training with the PASS coordinator.

PASS sessions are located in the PASS Center (LI‐204).

Stop by and meet with a tutor during our open hours:

Monday 8:00am ‐ 7:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am ‐ 7:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am ‐ 7:00pm
Thursday 8:00am ‐ 7:00pm
Friday 8:00am ‐ 2:00pm
Saturday 9:00am ‐ 3:00pm

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