How to start and ETC Program

ETC Background and Objectives

ETC is modelled on the nationally recognized Supplemental Instruction (SP) program that began in 1973. SI was piloted at Fresno City College in Spring 2007 and changed to ETC in 2008. Extending the Class better encompassed the goals and missions at Fresno City College by targeting high risk courses and linking those courses to peer leaders who have mastered course content. The Preparations of the ETC Leaders is critical to the success of the program, but they must also have the fexibility and motivation to see their objectives through to completion. Here at FCC we understand the importance of data driven results and ETC had been proven to be extremely successful in meeting our objectives.

The goal of the ETC is to help students become independent learners through well organised and structured active learning strategies, positive practice and peer guidance. Goals of the ETC Program are as follows:

Benefits of the ETC

To Students

To Faculty

To the Institution

How to get Started

The Extending the Class (ETC) Program at FCC believes in the capacity of creating life long learners in our student body. One cost effective way to instill those fundamental study skills, while creating specific pathways to success for our student body, is through the ETC Program. If you or your educational institution are intereseted in creating an Extending the Class (ETC) Program on your campus, please contact the ETC Coordinator at 559‐442‐8209. We are more than willing to share what we have learned about the implementaion and success of such a program. Here are some logistics to think about when considering an ETC program:

 Impact of ETC Program