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Writing & Reading Center Resources

Writing Style Guides:

You’ve written your essay and your instructor has asked you to use MLA or APA formatting. (There are many other types of formatting, but we have only included MLA and APA because they are the most common). Each has its own particular set of “rules” or “guidelines.” In the resources below, we’ve included example citations, example formatting, and common questions or concerns about citing.

Types of Essays:

There are several different types of essays. Depending on the course you are taking and the instructor, expectations will vary. Always follow your instructor’s guidelines. However, you may find these handouts helpful.

Grammar and Punctuation:

Proofreading for grammatical errors should be the last step in the writing process; however, many of us could use some help identifying errors and understanding how to fix them. Here are some simple handouts that may help you address the common errors that so many writers face.

Parts of Speech:

There are eight different parts of speech (verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, propositions, conjunctions, and interjections). Understanding how and why we use them is important to language development. The handouts below address the most common questions students ask about parts of speech.

Essay Writing:

Essay writing is a process. You begin with brainstorming and outlining, and then move to drafting and revising. There are a lot of steps in between, too (e.g. thesis statements, tone, etc.). It can be overwhelming! Take a look at the resources we’ve provided to help you start and finish your essay.

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