Extending the Class (ETC) is modeled after the nationally recognized Supplemental Instruction (SI) program that began in 1973. SI was piloted in spring 2007 at Fresno City College and was changed to ETC in 2008.  Extending the Class better encompassed the goals and missions here at Fresno City College (FCC) Tutorial Center by targeting high risk courses and linking those courses to peer leaders who have mastered course content. Preparation for the ETC sessions are key to the successfulness of the program but our Leaders also have the flexibility and the motivation necessary to complete the objectives of the program which are to help improve G.P.A, increase successful completion rates, and increase retention rates of those high risk courses. Here at FCC, the ETC Program, understands the importance of data driven results and ETC has been proven to be extremely successful!

Background of ETC

Below is a comparison chart showing the average rate of successful completion from spring 2007 through fall 2009 between ETC, non-ETC, and baseline data*.

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“Where ETC is about Student Success”

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Extending The Class (ETC)

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